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Why Go Goat?

There are lots of reasons people choose to rent goats, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Goats are green! Well not the color-- but they are an eco-friendly way to clear your land. It doesn't matter how much pesticide you use, it will never get rid of your blackberry bushes. No need to use those chemicals when goats are happy to eat those obnoxious invasive plants.

  • Less effort! Having a small herd of goats in your yard/property is significantly less effort than trying to pull out your brush and bramble. Save your back, hire a goat!

  • Fire prevention. Year after year Oregon has faced serious wildfires. One of the best ways to prevent wildfires from taking your home and property is to have defensible space. This means the brush near your home/outbuildings needs to go! Using goats to create this space is one of the most cost-effective yet low-effort options. 

  • Goats are excellent climbers. If you have any sort of incline on your property you know it can be tricky, and sometimes even down right dangerous, to take a mower or other equipment on those areas. Goats don't have those same restrictions. They are excellent climbers and can navigate the steepest incline. 

  • Goats are fun! There is something novel about having goats on your property, doing your yard work for you. You might find it hard to not watch them! 

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