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What to Expect

How long does it take?

This question is entirely dependent on your individual circumstance (i.e. what types of vegetation you have, how large of an area you are trying to clear, etc.). 

As a general rule of thumb, the goats can clear a quarter-acre of dense vegetation in roughly 2 weeks. 

If you have specific questions about your circumstances, please reach out to

What will the goats actually  do?

While we refer to our goats as "brush-clearing machines", they are in fact, NOT  machines. They are happy little creatures who LOVE weeds and invasive species of all kinds. And while they have a reputation for eating everything, there are some things they won't eat. 

Goats will eat the leaves and green stems on many plants. But they do not eat the "woody" vines. Check out these before and after pictures to get an idea of what this looks like:






If you're now thinking, so what's the point then? When the goats eat down the weeds like in the pictures above, the plants die. Plants need their leaves for photosynthesis (yay science!), so when they are stripped of their leaves they are unable to survive. This makes your job that much easier.

One important thing to note-- your brush will not die forever after one goat rental. Unfortunately many invasive species, like blackberry bushes, are incredibly resilient. This means they will try to grow back the following years. But each year they will grow back weaker and thinner than the year before. Generally speaking, after 3-5 years of goat clearing there should be permanent results. 

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