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Meet the Team


Meet Finny

Finny is the herd boss, and he takes that job seriously. He loves his goat herd and his human herd. Finny is three-quarters Myotonic (fainting) goat and one-quarter Alpine goat. He's not afraid of much and never faints. He does love treats and head scratches!


Meet Meeko

Meeko is Finny's younger half-brother and bonded pair. He is full Myontonic goat. When he was younger, he would faint often. Now that he is more mature his back legs will sometimes lock up if he is startled. Meeko is happy following his brother around and loves ivy. He also enjoys being brushed.


Meet Bambi

Bambi is a careful soul who takes her time warming up to new situations. She is full Boer goat and still has a lot of growing to do. This growing girl loves blackberry bushes and has no problem jumping into the thickest patches. Bambi is a sweet girl who can do some serious damage on brush.  


Meet Flower

Flower is Bambi's twin. She has less white on her head than her sister and a split left ear. Flower makes sure to stick to her sister's side and is the most shy out of the herd. While she may not be the most extroverted, she definitely has one of the largest appetites!


Meet Bubbles

Also known as "Troubles Bubbles", this little guy has tons of spunk! He is full Nigerian Dwarf goat. Don't let his small stature fool you-- this guy is a brush clearing machine! He also loves socializing with people. Sometimes he feels extra spunky and does what we call "Goat Parkour".


Meet Benny

Benny is an outgoing Lamancha goat who wants to be pals with everyone. His two favorite hobbies include eating and playing chase with the other young goats.


Meet Sunny D

Sunny is one of the calmest goats in the herd -- the calm cucumber. He is considering switching careers and getting into goat therapy. But for now, Sunny is happy munching on his favorite blackberry bushes and getting snuggles from the small two-leggeds. 


Meet Pip and Zip

Pip and Zip are twin Lamanchas. They are extremely friendly and want all of the pets and attention from humans. Pip has more white on his face than his brother Zip. Zip's ears stick out a little more. They love playing games like King of the Hill. 


Meet Ozzy

Ozzy is a cool, confident Lamancha goat. He is one of the first to venture into new territory to find the most delicious weeds. He's got beautiful blue eyes and a coat that is the mullet of the goat world. 


Meet Dewdrop (aka Dewy)

Dewy is the guardian llama. His job is to protect the goats from coyotes and other predators. Dewy loves treats and enjoys going on jobs with his herd. He also loves blackberry bushes, ivy, and other invasive plants, which makes him the perfect addition to the team!

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