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How it Works

Are you trying to find a low cost, low effort method for clearing your land of blackberry bushes, poison oak, English ivy, or just stubborn weeds?

Are you trying to protect your home and property from wildfires?


Our goats are happy to help! We have a small herd of 10 goats and 1 llama that are available for rent. 


We will need to evaluate your setup before bringing the team out to your property, and will provide you with a quote at our initial meeting. If we are in agreement, we will deliver the goats with the necessary materials (including fencing), and then will pick them up at the end of their contracted time. 

We will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to feel confident with the goats. They are an easy going herd, so there’s not much to it! This is a fun, eco-friendly, and cost effective way to clear your brush. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.


What you need:

  • Access to water 

    • We will provide an empty stock tank and a garden hose, but you must be able to get water to their temporary enclosure

  • Signed contract

    • If the initial quote is agreed upon, you will be required to sign a contract acknowledging missing/injured/dead goats due to renter’s negligence or maltreatment will be compensated to the owners at $400 per animal.

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